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Welcome to the homepage of THE NEW ADVENTURES OF FELICITY. Let's break it down- this is a SciFi story-driven webcomic that follows the escapades of Team Crimson as they race in their ship; FELICITY. Five hundred years from now, New York City plays host to Mort Racing; a deadly motorsport where competitors fight to the death for their freedom. Team Crimson are one of those competitors and they're getting pretty good at it. You're along for the ride. You might still have some questions though, hopefully they'll be answered below!


Development began in 2006 and the website launched in 2009, back then the comic was called FELICITY, the website your eyes are looking at right now marks the launch or re-launch of FELICITY as THE NEW ADVENTURES OF FELICITY and will house all new stories with an all new artstyle.


If you take a dive through the archives you can check out all the pages that made up the original first two issues of FELICITY, what you might immediately notice is the visual difference. NEW ADVENTURES sports a more cartoony look which you can see dotted around the new website. What won't be as obvious however is that, originally- FELICITY came in full sized volumes of 50ish page Issues. NEW ADVENTURES is a page by page update schedule which means you can check out brand new work every Monday and enjoy storylines over months instead of waiting for months.


Every Mort Racing Team is assigned a colour to brand their ship and identity, some choose another name and some keep what was given to them.
Crimson chose to keep their designated colour and wear it with pride, they are;


ROLE: Pilot/Mechanic
99 is the best Mort-racing pilot in history...or so she'd like to think. She is hot-headed, over-confident and straight-to-the-point. Patience and subtlety are skills she doesn't have, or even see a point in. While many may mistake her over-confidence as exaggeration of her skill, she is indeed a phenomenal pilot- feeling more at home behind the wheel than walking on her own two feet. She is also an exceptional mechanic, having designed and built Felicity herself, she shares a bond with her ship no other racers can claim to. 
For 99, the prize of freedom isn't out of reach, it's just waiting to be collected.


ROLE: Gunner
Mounty is the dead-eye shot other Mort-Racers fear, his accuracy with a weapon is unmatched in the arena and his ability to keep his composure under extreme conditions means Felicity always comes back in one piece. Little else is known about Rogers, his life outside of the arena remains a close guarded secret with enquires about his past being the end-all of any conversation. The stone-faced hulk protects his teammates with savage determination, often putting himself in the firing line for the sake of others. 
For Mounty, racing is an escape from his past and perhaps the key to granting him a future.

T-GATE // NAVUNIT 707 //

ROLE: Navbot
Nav Unit 707 or  'T-gate' is one of the oldest serving Navbots in the MRPL. With over 40 years experience,
T-gate operates on prototype Icarus Holo-feature technology and remains perhaps one of the very last in existance. T-gate is classed as a Mal-Funct-Bot, translating in human terms as a person who is 'Not all there'. His Core unit operates unquestionably but has sustained enough damage to cause him curious non-programmed habits, such as an obsession with Dental hygiene(despite not having any teeth)and a mile-a-minute mouth.
While T-gate remains an unstable and 'Broken' Navbot, his loyality to his team is never-ending, he would follow them to the very end without question.


Felicity is created by Adam Law or 'TWULF' if you're interested in seeing more of his work you can check out his DeviantArt, His Blog or contact him via Twitter. He draws and drinks tea a lot.  You can also check out another webcomic he is currently working on called Scoundrels. He thinks you'd love it!


You can read all 100 odd pages of the original comics and then enjoy the new pages every Monday from launch, there may be another update day added further down the line but that will be announced prior to it happening!
'FELICITY' Characters & All Artwork © Adam Law 2012.